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Sun Microsystems LogoSun's Linlithgow factory produces a major proportion of the global company's server products for Europe and the Far East. The production of the servers, mid-range to high-end, from a base carcass, involves fitting a range of bar coded components such as micro-chips and PCB cards.

Sun replaced obsolete RF technology in the production lines with new Symbol PDT RF terminals to support the movement of each server carcass to the correct production cell. When the production process is set up and confirmed on the host software, running on the factory's Solaris system, Symbol keyboard wedge laser scanners are then used for speedy processing and validation of the component part numbers. Sun have a massive investment in quality control and as such are able to validate and track every component used in the production and testing of each finished server product ¯ some worth over $500K.

Benefits:Quick and accurate entry of multiple component data, using bar codes with varying symbologies and lengths of characters
Real time data input allows Sun to track the build of each product, the parts used, the operators involved in each process and the testing of every finished serve


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