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Mitsubishi LogoThe Livingston factory for Mitsubishi manufactures industrial air conditioning units. The production floor has a network of PC terminals to support the operators' software processes. Two years ago the company was quoted a substantial amount to provide network cabling for a new area using PC's.
Mitsubishi instead considered installing a wireless network to support the new system. This avoided hard-cabling through concrete floors or round steel pillars.

The wireless system consists of a few RF Access Points attached to existing network hubs in identified positions around the factory walls, linked to wireless cards installed in the PC's network ports. The 2MB RF system proved to be cheaper than standard cabling and has the added benefit of being portable should Mitsubishi re-locate.

A subsequent RF installation also provides a 'wireless bridge' link between the main factory and a smaller stores building two hundred metres across a main road. This 11MB RF bridge replaced a more expensive leased line and supplied a greater bandwidth for the network data traffic


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