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Diageo LogoDiageo have three bottling plants in Scotland and a major distribution hub for finished case goods near Kilmarnock with six main bonded warehouses and stocks of 220,000 cases of palletized, bottled products. The movement of stock has to be strictly controlled due to product values and compliance with Customs & Excise regulations.

Diageo installed an RF data capture system to support a variety of stock movement functions - location put-away of pallets within the warehouses; order fulfillment and dispatch confirmation. This significantly improved visibility of stock and eliminated any time-wasting paperwork.

The bar coded information is collected using RF terminals, with long-range scanners, running RF Manager software. The data is 'bridged' into a local database and then sent a mainframe computer in Maidstone.

Codemove recently completed two additional functions to the system - a split-pallet labeling system using portable printers - and an inventory application where operators run cycle counts every evening shift.


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